Game Design Workshop Journal 1 – GLHF


The Game Design Workshop Blog of William Ching

Good Luck, Have Fun. These are the words said before a game begins. These are the words I would like to say to everyone here at the start of the course.


Why the Game Design Workshop?

To answer this I must first answer why gaming?

I love gaming, specifically video games. Ever since I picked up the NES controller many many years ago I have continued to be a gamer. Games were fun, be it the challenges of jumping around and everywhere in Mario, Exploring and Defeating things in Super Metroid, to winning a race against a friend in Ridge Racer and getting that Headshot in <Insert random FPS here>. I loved the stories, the competition and strategy. I shall mention Half Life, Rock band, Starcraft, AION and Maple story here just because I want to…

Now onto why Game Design Workshop.

I must have a good reason for this… Game Design Workshop isnt even a “Depth Elective” for my degree, so its purely for fun. Thats what I hope this course would be, fun, and so far it looks that way. I want this semester to be more fun than other semesters, learning about games which itself is a fun topic. I have dwelved into some game design before, mostly in the very old days when I played with the Starcraft Map Editor and a program known as RM2K (RPG Maker 2000). I have made, in the past, some games using these tools. Playing around with these tools were fun, I ended with a, literally, explosive game after playing around with the Starcraft Map Editor… The map was lost… And with RM2K I had fun animating “2D Special Effects” as well as making the stages. Although these experiences were from a long time ago (2002-ish) I hope that this course will bring back more of those awesome experiences and hopefully I can come up with something much better, now that I am older… and wiser than when I was 14…

Oh! almost forgot…!

Why is gaming filled with guns?

Simple explanation… Games seem to be primarily developed in USA, and USA is a country filled with guns, and everyone over there loves guns. Therefore games are filled with guns. Now, projectiles such as arrows, I spose the bow and arrow has been in human history for a long time as a hunting weapon. So in every medieval based game it is natural to see a bow and arrow, to make the game… historically correct.

All that is in response to


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