Ball Game


In the lecture I was under the table scooping up balls and unleashing them to another corner of the room
So my idea is to use the PC mouse, or wii remote or DS touch screen for a game

The game involves reflecting balls around the screen by drawing lines across the screen
Each player gets a corner or half of the screen (2 player or 4 player mode)
Balls will be “dumped” randomly at the start at the centre of the screen, moving out in random directions
Following the lecture ball game, the corner with the least balls wins
Players can draw what ever they like, and the line will behave like a wall, so players can draw a wall to bounce balls off, and draw circles to trap balls for bouncing later
Team play can be done as well, two wii remotes for one side, two for the other

There will be two types of lines, Red and Black. Red lines will send ball bouncing at speed, and Black lines will rebound balls and slow them down a bit, this can be implemented with the A and B buttons on the Wii, left or right buttons on a mouse.
Players can only draw in their own square.
Lines will disappear after 2 new lines drawn, so a maximum of 3 lines per player.
Lines will have a maximum length, to avoid drawing a huge wall to block balls out.
Lines will have a timer on them, again to avoid huge walls to block out balls (when playing in teams)
Like the original game, there will be a random timer, music plays, and when the music stops, balls will get frozen, and counted.

This game carries over cooperative play (in team mode) and competative play of the original game. Players still need to get the balls out of their square, and in team mode, two or more players will be involved…
You still get the music and the drama of not knowing when the timer will end. As a challenge obstacles can be added to the playing field to bounce ball off or slow them down. Teams can team up against one team like in the original game as well.

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