Dogma Manifesto


Repeated gaming concepts exist only for those who like those gaming concepts. I think the dogma Manifesto only applies to new games for new gamers or people who are bored of current games. The only games I can think of that fit the Dogma’s criteria are mini games, party games, simple pick up and play games. Which are most party games on the Wii and the various flash games available on the internet.
3dLogic - pickup and play

I spose point 2 of the dogma must change for 2009. Everyones using LCDs, everyone has some powerful graphics hardware compared to 2001. 640×480 just doesn’t look good when scaled to a 19″ LCD’s native resolution, and is just too small when unscaled. Many systems today are capable of running games (from 2001) at 1280×1024 at 32-bit colour at higher than 20fps.

Point 10… I spose one could say something about the colour white. It seems that white is the new black these days.

A game idea I forced my self to think out involves mirrors and aligning them using objects in the environment such as balls on a slope, springs, a physics based game essentially, the goal is to align all the mirrors to reflect a laser beam to a receiver. The game can be expanded to a multiplayer game, one person/team to align the mirrors to that team’s receiver, the other team trying to align the beam to their receiver.

Such a game only requires simple 2d graphics, though going 3d would be a huge plus, especially since almost all computers these days have some hardware accelerated 3d graphics processing. The game can use a mouse to drag and drop objects and activate the setup. There are no zombies, but zombies can be implemented in some way or form. The game is just a top down view of the objects, though a 3d view can be obtained if we go for the 3d version. Theres no need for “special attacks” its just a physics simulation. No cut scenes or movies are needed either. There is no violence, though violence can be implemented in how objects behave. Theres no good and evil, just winning and losing really.

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