A toy


So from the lecture, the impression I got of what a toy is, is a game or object that has no specific goal, no specific rules that are managed by the player or observers. So physics apply (in real world toys anyway). What I am currently thinking of is a physics based toy on PC, so more of a simulation.
The user can draw different items on the screen with mouse (PC) or other controller (Wii remote, DS touch screen and stylus). The user can then select what materials that object is made from.
The game.. I mean toy is in 2D, and objects drawn can’t overlap, overlaps drawn by the user would be a join in the two drawn objects.
The user can press play and watch all their objects do what they do.
Objects such as a motor, candles, pulleys, levers can be placed on the screen as well.

New players would probably end up with a bunch of objects falling down… after some play and using more creativity and understanding the physics (or simulated physics) more, players can create more interesting setups (I’m thinking, something like those japanese dominoes style setups on youtube with random objects around the house)

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