Games your mother would play


Well, I haven’t seen my mum play any game, not for a while anyway
last game I’ve seen her play was an RPG like game for which I can’t remember the game now
It was on the NES

So my suggestion would be some RPG game, but they are everywhere and they are all pretty much the same.

She likes to cook and sew… So I suppose some RPG game mixing cooking or sewing into it. Theres Cooking Mama for a cooking game, not an RPG… and it has already been done.

Though I haven’t seen any games on sewing…
I suppose some game based on sewing and is an RPG. Maybe you have to walk around completing sewing quests, and to sew you need to use a Wii remote and perform some sewing motion… you can buy upgrades to sewing machines, needles, types of cloth and thread…
I don’t know… I’m not an expert on sewing 😛

Well there you go, a sewing Sim/RPG… Theres probably some Anime based on sewing… and they get super powers from wearing the enchanted clothes they make… (Yakitate Japan comes to mind… Anime on Bread……………………..)

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