More than Fun?


Anthony rants on video games only being about fun, and killing things and violence and guns.
This is quite true. Anthony also rants on about video games being immature and for 12 year olds
again… quite true for some games

Anthony wants video games to be more serious, to relate to the player, to cover some real world issues.
Yes I agree with that too.

Now David rants in reply that can’t all just be serious and cover real world issues.
again this is true

So far my impression of whats going on is that David says that Anthony wants to abolish fun and only have serious real world stuff…

Everything has some element of fun in it. You watch a movie because its fun in some one, entertaining. You read a book because its fun, art museum, for fun/entertainment. Every medium combines entertainment with some real world message. Video Games can do that, It’s just a matter of time when some one does it. So far, it is almost all about killing things. Yes Video Games do need to branch out and not concentrate on only killing things. But they must keep it fun in the process.

The thing is, games in general, have been around since the dawn of time and games are always about fun. You can’t take away the fun from a game, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a game anymore would it?

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