Player Centric Design


Well I recently watched this

Which is about food companies trying to come up with one flavour of their product. Specifically Pepsi trying to select one concentration of sugar for their product. So they made a plan to sample the public, on what concentration of sugar they preferred. They expected a nice bell curve, and expected to take the top of the bell curve as the concentration of choice, simple. Problem was, there was no bell curve, but rather a failry even distribution of sugar concentration preference.

Games can’t be designed specifically for one player, as everyone will have opinions than everyone else. Even selecting one group of people and developing…
… ok look…
design what ever game you like, games can be an art form, it can be purely entertainment, social
do what ever you want… though techinically if its not fun then its not really a game, more a simulation or interactive virtual world interface…

Game Developers, do what ever you want, just make the interface nice…


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