Sydney Rail


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for support.

Please post what stations you have selected for your “New Train” and each train ticker on the main page, also the time, so that I can try to recreate the problem


6 Responses to “Sydney Rail”

  1. 1 petrick

    Thanks! Ur genious! Keep up d goodwork!

  2. 2 Mattye

    Very nice app, destroys the pathetic Go! Sydney App, the only change i would recommend would be able to set from when do you want to see the time table at instead of scrolling from 4am -> desired time. the next train arrival i think is pretty neat, but maybe allow it to show the next 2-3 trains following it so you can know the window between trains 🙂

    otherwise, a fine app

  3. 3 bob

    It keeps saying that I need to go back sydneyrail and set the no my train ticker … Pls reply a.s.a.p

  4. 4 charles

    What is train ticker i cant open it because it always says about the train ticker ?

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  6. 6 ian taylor

    I want to go to Sydney

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