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Hmm I shall hit two birds with one stone… Design an art game that makes players share some form of art Make a social facebook game Ok, Here we go… 😛 So the idea is competition through self expression There shall be multiple players… Friends on Facebook The goal is to draw a picture, anything […]

Art Driven Game


Prehistoric images instantly remind me of two things Heiroglyphics or how ever you spell them and Rock paintings by aboriginals in Australia This brings up a game idea which involves hunting. A 2D sidescroller… my favourite type of game… 2D sidescroller in Rock painting art It shall involve a character running side to side, being […]

Well I recently watched this Which is about food companies trying to come up with one flavour of their product. Specifically Pepsi trying to select one concentration of sugar for their product. So they made a plan to sample the public, on what concentration of sugar they preferred. They expected a nice bell curve, […]

OK Two gloves, you can detect where the hand is, how the fingers are arranged etc etc… A game that immediately pops into my head is handball Implement that with a large TV screen You can detect the speed, of the hand, how the fingers are arranged, twist wrist. With that, you can figure out […]

Hmm ok Lets take a portable gaming device with an accelerometer inside Now lets put a maze on it starting at the top is a bucket of water the player taps the screen to start the player can tilt/turn the gaming device around and the water on the playing field will react as expected in […]

Well, I haven’t seen my mum play any game, not for a while anyway last game I’ve seen her play was an RPG like game for which I can’t remember the game now It was on the NES So my suggestion would be some RPG game, but they are everywhere and they are all pretty […]

More than Fun?


Anthony rants on video games only being about fun, and killing things and violence and guns. This is quite true. Anthony also rants on about video games being immature and for 12 year olds again… quite true for some games Anthony wants video games to be more serious, to relate to the player, to cover […]