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Gish Ive played the Gish Demo through 3 times. The graphics are in 2D and are very nicely done, the music is good too (I hope theres more of the stuff in the full game) Gish sports an added way of controlling the character, the ability to change the character’s state, from sticky, slick and […]

A toy


So from the lecture, the impression I got of what a toy is, is a game or object that has no specific goal, no specific rules that are managed by the player or observers. So physics apply (in real world toys anyway). What I am currently thinking of is a physics based toy on PC, […]

I see the Differences between table top, Computer and Live action games as a compromise of two main factors, Simulation and Imagination. Simulation is how well the game reproduces the real world, and Imagination is how well the game takes the player away from the real world, either the player using his/her own imagination and […]

Ball Game


In the lecture I was under the table scooping up balls and unleashing them to another corner of the room So my idea is to use the PC mouse, or wii remote or DS touch screen for a game The game involves reflecting balls around the screen by drawing lines across the screen Each player […]

Dogma Manifesto


Repeated gaming concepts exist only for those who like those gaming concepts. I think the dogma Manifesto only applies to new games for new gamers or people who are bored of current games. The only games I can think of that fit the Dogma’s criteria are mini games, party games, simple pick up and play […]

The Game Design Workshop Blog of William Ching Good Luck, Have Fun. These are the words said before a game begins. These are the words I would like to say to everyone here at the start of the course. Righto Why the Game Design Workshop? To answer this I must first answer why gaming? I […]