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Please post what stations you have selected for your “New Train” and each train ticker on the main page, also the time, so that I can try to recreate the problem


Just made a Singstar Song List App and posted it on the market

What it does is display a version of the huge table, List of Singstar Titles, from Wikipedia.
It only displays english songs and the list only applies to the PS2 games, as there are so many of them.

Provided are two modes
One to show the list of songs for each Singstar game
and the other for users to search for a song or artist to see which Singstar game has it

It is available on the market
and heres a youtube video

I shall hit two birds with one stone…
Design an art game that makes players share some form of art
Make a social facebook game

Ok, Here we go… 😛

So the idea is competition through self expression
There shall be multiple players… Friends on Facebook

The goal is to draw a picture, anything the player wants, or there could be a theme. There is a limited number of tools available for use.

The picture is then posted on facebook and shared to the player’s facebook friends
Friends rate the image of each player. Rating gives the Rater some points.
Higher ratings and points allow the player to unlock new tools to make better pictures.

There will be a ranking system, ranking facebook friends who have the app.

Art Driven Game


Prehistoric images instantly remind me of two things
Heiroglyphics or how ever you spell them
and Rock paintings by aboriginals in Australia

This brings up a game idea which involves hunting.
A 2D sidescroller… my favourite type of game…
2D sidescroller in Rock painting art
It shall involve a character running side to side, being able to jump.
The character will have to kill things with a spear or a knife or other ancient tool and will gain points for each kill.
There will be multiple levels, multiple maps, different goal per level

Ok its kinda sounding like a prehistoric mario game… well thats kinda what it is

Well I recently watched this

Which is about food companies trying to come up with one flavour of their product. Specifically Pepsi trying to select one concentration of sugar for their product. So they made a plan to sample the public, on what concentration of sugar they preferred. They expected a nice bell curve, and expected to take the top of the bell curve as the concentration of choice, simple. Problem was, there was no bell curve, but rather a failry even distribution of sugar concentration preference.

Games can’t be designed specifically for one player, as everyone will have opinions than everyone else. Even selecting one group of people and developing…
… ok look…
design what ever game you like, games can be an art form, it can be purely entertainment, social
do what ever you want… though techinically if its not fun then its not really a game, more a simulation or interactive virtual world interface…

Game Developers, do what ever you want, just make the interface nice…

Two gloves, you can detect where the hand is, how the fingers are arranged etc etc…

A game that immediately pops into my head is handball
Implement that
with a large TV screen

You can detect the speed, of the hand, how the fingers are arranged, twist wrist. With that, you can figure out where the ball will go

Lets take a portable gaming device with an accelerometer inside
Now lets put a maze on it
starting at the top is a bucket of water
the player taps the screen to start
the player can tilt/turn the gaming device around and the water on the playing field will react as expected in the real world.
The objective of the game is to get all the water to the end of the maze. The water may split into two puddles of water if it hits an edge.